UAE National Ship Suppliers Association

052 926 0622


      There are 2 types of Membership:

      To be a FULL MEMBERHIP (National Association) you              have to fulfill the following criteria: 

  1. They shall be bonafide ship supply & services company.
  2. They shall have the support of their business to attend U.N.S.S.A Board Meetings.
  3. Full Members should support U.N.S.S.A in their conventions when required.
  4. Participation in U.N.S.S.A meetings and event management.


  1. Describe themselves as a “Member of I.S.S.A”
  2. To use resource provided by, and attend functions, conventions, Exhibitions and Meetings convened by the Association.
  3. To display the association logo on their literature and marketing material.

        Membership Fees:

  • Full Membership: 6,000 AED (Yearly Subscription)
  • Associate Membership: 3,500 AED (Yearly Subscription)

       Additional Entries (OPTIONAL) :

  • If you want to Register your branch : 800 AED/ branch
  • Company logo register to I.S.S.A book : 500 AED

  • Web link: 500 AED

  • Website Logo : 500 AED

  • Received I.S.S.A Register Book & CD : 200 AED

  • I.S.S.A Quality Certificate Renewal fee : 1,200 AED