UAE National Ship Suppliers Association

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UNSSA (UAE National Ship Suppliers Association) is one of the National  Associations of ISSA, the International Ship Suppliers and Services Association which currently has 43 national associations and 227 associate members world-wide.
The main function of UNSSA is to protect the interests and rights of its members and to represent them with the relevant government departments and port authorities to  have better understanding with all the UAE ports authorities and its  

regulations, thereby improving the quality of ship chandling services. UNSSA (UAE National Ship Suppliers Association) is one of the National Associations of ISSA, the international Ship Suppliers and Services Association which currently has 43 national associations and 227 associate members world-wide.
UNSSA welcomes ship suppliers and manufacturers /wholesalers to be an active member of the UAE National Association (Terms and Conditions apply) to enhance and maintain the country’s marine and maritime industry to high standards of excellence and to promote UNSSA as one of the leading National Associations in the world.

What is UNSSA?
UNSSA has the following aims

  • To promote, maintain and protect the economic interests and standing of ship suppliers.
  • To enhance the image of the UAE as one of the best ship supply trading centers in the world.
  • To represent its members at an international level.
  •  To promote a meaningful relationship between ship owners and ship suppliers.
  • To encourage contacts and discussions between ship supplier’s members and / or National Association on matters of common interests.
  • To ensure, to the best of its ability, that it’s Members observe the ISSA Code of Ethics and Conditions of Sale.
  • To have a better understanding between all the UAE Ports in regulating the ship chandling activities, thereby improving the quality of services provided at each of the ports.
  • To represent its members with the various government bodies.

UNSSA also has a major role in attracting new members according to the policy outlined by the association’s board members.
For admission as an UNSSA member, the company in question must be interested and engaged with promoting and safeguarding the interests of its national ship suppliers, with membership open to any business fulfilling the criteria of: A Ship Supplier, the minimum quality standard of the Association and otherwise complying with the reasonable entry requirements of the National Association. 
Each National Association Member shall appoint a representative to the ISSA Board, who shall have the title of Board Member, who shall be entitled to participate and vote as ISSA Board Meeting and otherwise represent the interests of the National Association member within the Association.