UAE National Ship Suppliers Association

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ISSA has 43 national associations of ship suppliers as full ISSA members and about 227 Associate members around the globe. 

At an ISSA Board Meeting in Copenhagen on 22nd April 1999, UNSSA has been admitted to full membership. 

The International Ship Suppliers Association is the only body representing the interests of the Ship Supply industry on an international level, providing a forum in which members may exchange information needs for the conduct of their trade and an organization for negotiation with ship organization and official bodies. 

The Ship Supply business is guided by the ISSA conditions for International Ship Store trade.

 Set out the rights and duties of both Ship Suppliers and Ship owners formulated by ISSA and deposited at The Hague. Netherlands.   

It sets out conditions on orders and deliveries, prices quality and packing, claims, payment, force majeure, contracts, disputes and applicable law